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Chemicals, Additives & the Changing World of Food...

Only twenty years ago I wrote an editorial on the value of colonic hydrotherapy during detoxification. Shortly after, I had several calls asking if I had “available beds”, somehow the very word detoxification meant at that stage to the desperate, “assistance with a drug addiction”.

Soon it was accepted that detoxification was needed due to our fast pace of life, cigarettes, excessive alcohol, too many fatty and excessively rich foods. When I look back, how naive were we to think our bodies only became clogged up if we had not respected it.

Of course twenty years ago, many people had already been affected by their modest life style, attending doctor’s appointments, having many blood tests showing references stating within ‘normal range’. Those patients were often made to feel it was all in their minds. Much of the testing today has tighter parameters making the tests far more sensitive now depicting definite body deterioration.

Many patients were offered anti-depressants, and many out of desperation accepted them, it could be that they still felt unwell but somehow it no longer seemed to bother them. Another strike for the drug companies.

We are becoming more savvy; however we still have a long way to go.

We only have to take the time to read the very small print on the back of a food product to see how many food additives, flavour enhancers, stabilizers, colourants, thickeners, extra salt, and extra sugar. Gosh how much has processing altered the food you thought you wanted?

Some of the chemicals I read on the back of food jars I no longer recognise, it seems like a different language, how can I expect my liver to process these unrecognisable additions? All I can say it is a good job my liver does not belong to a union. Processed food is only one small facet of our toxic milieu; we have animals force fed with foods that are really unnatural to their species. They are fed hormones to make them grow bigger, stronger, leaner, and of course faster, whilst they are being filled with large doses of antibiotics, just to make sure they don’t become any sicker than man makes them. Our environment has so many more toxic substances that are accepted as everyday life. Toxic over-load is quite an insidious condition and is happening so covertly, that it is not recognised for the monster it is.

So what is the answer? I think the first step is to recognise that many of these unexplained allergies, food sensitivities, immune disorders, chronic fatigue, headaches, aches and pains, poor posture, constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, inability to lose weight, or even to maintain weight, may well relate to our toxicity.

We are now ready to look consciously at our lives

I really believe that the key is to break away from our state of inertia to a new shiny consciousness.

Eating foods that look like their natural state, if possible organic, I must admit some of the organic food I have seen looks as though it would be hard for a kirlian camera to find any signs of life. If you are unable to find affordable healthy organic, choose locally grown, or anything that looks healthy, wash it well or better still peel it, yes I also remember being told the skin holds the nutrients, now it holds the chemicals involved in the production. Choose meats and eggs in the same way. Choose butter rather than produced spreads which have been made in a laboratory rather than kitchen.

Are you able to see a trend, nothing too dramatic?

Leave the soft drinks on the shelf. Apart from the additives they are laden with highly processed sugar. Try lemon, lime or orange in filtered water, honey if needed, I buy from local markets when in abundance - juice and freeze into small ice cubes and take out as required. Talking of juicing, if you have ever felt like juicing and then thought you would not manage it, as its messy and needs to be done several times a day, well according to Dr. Sandra Cabot; you can do a week or more supply at a time just freeze in glass jars, Sandra said it retains its goodness and makes it much easier.

Breads - well there is a huge amount to choose from at this stage, try the heavier breads, you will just have to read the packet and look for things you recognise. This new consciousness will require a longer shopping experience; there are some foods that have been processed in tins and jars that are just the real product in its own juices, or just with water, salt, herbs, and spices. When buying yogurt in the supermarket it is important to read what else is in it, you are safer buying pot set, I think that protects you from the bazaar thickening additives I have found.

I suggest you look at Dr. Sandra Cabot’s books I have so much respect for her as she is so down to earth, Sandra’s book on Liver cleansing is a classic, more recently her book on 'Fatty Liver', Sandra has published a wonderful recipe book again very easy and colourful, called The Dr. Sandra Cabot 'Recipe Collection'. Another of my favourite books written by Daniel Reid, 'The Tao Of Detox'. And of course, Dr. Norman W. Walker’s 'Colon Care', of course I love this one. All these books and more are in my clinic available for you to browse whilst having a cup of herbal tea.